Morristown, N.J. – Youth1 is undergoing a “friendly takeover” of sorts. Females of all ages in different areas of sport are dominating the home page of on Wednesday, February 6 to celebrate the 33rd Annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD). This year’s theme is “Lead Her Forward,” to honor how sports push girls and women alike to achieve excellence and realize their boundless potential.

“At Youth1, we’ve always advocated for the power of girls’ sports. So, when we get an opportunity to celebrate this day, we want to go all out,” said Youth1 President Laura Petrillo. “There are millions of girls across the country doing amazing things in athletics and we want to use our platform to let the world know all about it.”

Headlining Youth1’s NGWSD homepage will be an interview with the NHL’s Jackie Redmond, the league’s top female host and anchor. NHL Network is sharing the article with Youth1 exclusively via social media platforms. Throughout the day, the Youth1 homepage also will feature top stories focusing on female athletes nationwide spanning 12 major youth sports.

The Highlight Video of the Day, Champion of the Day, a calendar of the major events across the country and a selection of Youth1 Player Profiles, pages where athletes and parents can post their highlights, accomplishments, photos, and goals, will be featured as well.

In addition, Youth1 is founder and operator of the Y1ACT, the nation’s only athletic combine test for youth athletes with standardized measurements across key metrics. The Y1ACT recently hosted its first combine featuring girls soccer players.

“The performance of the girls at the Y1ACT tell you everything you need to know about the ferocity of today’s female athlete,” Petrillo said. “They set quite a number of impressive benchmarks for their peer group, for girls and boys. We can’t wait to get more girls to participate and let the world know all about their achievements and what drives them.”

National Women in Sports Day started in 1987 as an observance of Olympic Volleyball medalist Flo Hyman and has since become a celebration of female athletes of all ages and interests across the country. For more than three decades, NGWSD has empowered women and girls to get moving, reap the benefits of physical activity and push past their limits both in sports and life. The confidence, strength and character gained through physical activity are the tools girls need to become strong leaders.

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