About Us

CMM Strategic Communications is nimble in its approach to connecting people, ideas and news through internal and external communications. As a full-service, boutique public relations firm, we are committed to helping clients distinguish themselves from their competitive set. At CMM, we respond to each client’s needs in a custom-tailored manner reflective of their daily business practices. Our deep resources rival larger firms, offering better value without compromising the personalized results-oriented client service for which we have become known.

What We Do

CMM’s clients gain a competitive edge and enhanced visibility in today’s fast-paced business environment thanks to comprehensive service offerings that include:

Media Relations
As each client’s media correspondent, CMM serves as the primary point of contact and liaison for reporters and clients alike. As a facilitator, the firm fields all media requests, coordinates telephone and/or in-person interviews with company spokespeople and provides pre- and post-interview content, as needed. The company’s media relations specialists also propose article concepts for planned special sections and regular columns. CMM is well-respected by editors and reporters at trade, business channels.

Content Creation
CMM’s creative, compelling copywriting is the foundation upon which the company was founded. In today’s culture where immediacy is the norm, our news releases, advisories, commentary and byline articles address contemporary news trends and issues while adhering to Associated Press-style guidelines. CMM’s copy transcends a full spectrum of news-reporting platforms, including traditional print publications, electronic sources, industry newsletters, blogs, social media and email marketing.

Company Branding
Whether you are a newcomer to – or veteran user of – communications and public relations services, branding is one of the most important aspects of doing business for any company, large or small. Since branding gives your company its edge, only the most effective words can paint a picture of who you are and what you promise to deliver. CMM’s content and counsel contributes toward consistent, value-add brand equity, which in turn elevates each client’s stature within their respective industry.

Captivating Websites
What’s your online story? CMM tells it in a captivating manner that engages and invites, brings in leads, generates buzz and spreads the good word about your company via the internet. In this SEO-driven world, CMM’s content attracts and holds target-audience interests while earning the highest levels of search-engine attention. Say goodbye to website copy that once served as a placeholder and say hello to a next-generation online presence with substance.

Special Events
From press conferences, company announcements and anniversary celebrations, to grand openings, seminars and fundraisers, CMM possesses extensive expertise and experience in special events management and promotions. From inception to post-event publicity, CMM’s involvement ensures each event is exceptional and a memorable success.